Our Values

We are called as a church...

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Through personal and community transformation by:

  • Hosting God's Presence Intentionally
  • Serving our Community Generously
  • Growing Disciples Effectively
  • Partnering Freely
  • Re-defining Family Radically
  • Sharing our Lives and Stories Openly

Who's Who

Pastor: Todd Nightingale

Community Pastor: Manon Vuilleumier

Youth Work Leader: Amy Fyfe-Taylor

Children's Work Leader: Izzy Arthurs

Worship Leader: Diane Arthurs

Secretary: Kerry Maisey

Treasurer: Thomas Arthurs

Safeguarding Leader: Elaine Small

Trustees: Todd Nightingale, Thomas Arthurs, Geoff Hawkings, Karen Walton, Elaine Small, Diane Arthurs, Ron Catchick and Kerry Maisey

Charity Trustees: Trustees – as above

Admin/ Website : Kerry Maisey & Annabel Brown

Policies and Procedures:

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MEBC Constitution

MEBC Data Protection Policy

MEBC IT Policy

Ministry Teams


Led by Todd Nightingale. This covers Services, Worship, Pastoral, Children & Youth etc.

Members of the team are: Manon Vuilleumier, Diane Arthurs, Laura Sutton, Amy Fyfe-Taylor, Gill Rosser & Izzy Arthurs

Mission and Outreach

Led by Manon Vuilleumier. This covers Toddlers, Pastimes, Alpha, CAP, Foodbank, CROCUS, National & International Mission support etc.

Members of the team are: Iris Bangs, Annabel Brown, Trevor Newson, Edythe Jacobson, Carolyn Hawkes, Elaine Hawkings & Geoff Hawkings

Premises, Finance, Administration & Employment

Led by Geoff Hawkings. This covers what is says! Members of the team are: Ken Davies, Thomas Arthurs, Paul Butler, Kerry Maisey and Robert Irving,

For more details about a team or to raise an issue please talk to the appropriate ministry team leader, or contact them at the Office.